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Introduction to my blog

Hey Guys, It’s Lissy

 So my names Lissy – as you might’ve gathered – and this is my first ever blog post. I seriously doubt anyone is actually reading this, but I need to start somewhere. 

Firstly, I got my inspiration for this blog from Zoellas Girl Online, where she found relief in writing blogs, and as I struggle with Anxiety and find it hard to express myself through words, so I thought writing a blog would help me say how I feel.

I spend most of my time on YouTube. My favourite YouTubers are the Sidemen, closely followed by the rest of Team YouTube. I have a YouTube account with 11 subscribers – wow amazing I know – but being a YouTuber is my dream job. 

I also listen to a lot of music – grime – at the moment – is my favourite type if anyone was wondering. Music just helps relieve my stress and makes me forget about any troubles I have.

I also spend a lot of time on Instagram – hey.itz.li5s.y if you’d like to go and follow – where I am part of the og SideSquad DM, the people that are part of it, I will probably never meet, as they all live in places like Scotland, Ireland and Australia, but we’re really close – Luke we still need that 1v1 m8. 

So I hope you enjoyed this, if you did read this – maybe post some blog ideas in the comments below????

Lissy, Out. Peace x

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